What is exposed, broom finished or stamped concrete?2023-06-07T16:08:55-04:00

Stamped concrete is a great option for replicating the look of other materials such as stone, slate, tile, brick, and even wood, while still providing a very natural authentic look. Each stamp is artfully crafted to realistically mimic real-world textures- both natural and man made. Some stamps are even cast directly from real, historical materials.

Exposed aggregate, is another decorative finish which is obtained by removing the outer skin of cement paste to uncover the aggregate, which results in a beautiful pebbled finish look. It is highly versatile and complements beautifully with plain or stamped concrete. It is low maintenance, and skid resistant due to its rugged surface.

Traditional concrete, or often referred to as broom finish or plain concrete is the most cost-effective option. It still provides you with a fresh new look, and is practical, and is the lowest maintenance. Traditional concrete often can have a broom finish, a swirl finish, or an architectural finish. No sealer is required.

What colour concrete is available?2023-06-28T07:45:53-04:00

Colour can be incorporated into any type of decorative finished concrete. We have a wide range of colour swatches to choose from. Swatches are available in our office. Colours are shown to booked customers only.

Choose a colour that complements with the colours found in the shades of your residence or to blend with other materials used in your landscape.

GCI uses integral colour when doing coloured concrete for our customers. This means that the colour is dispersed throughout the concrete and mixed at the concrete plant and is delivered to us based on the colour swatch you chose for your project. These pigments will not fade over time nor will they leach from the concrete even when wet. GCI uses only the best quality mix of concrete from our trusted suppliers.

To add depth and authenticity, stamped concrete usually has a release colour. The release colour highlights the imprints and texture. Usually, a release colour is chosen that is slightly darker than the base colour for an authentic and attractive appearance. If a customer prefers to not have a shadowed look highlighting the stamp and texture then a clear liquid release may be also used.

What concrete stamps are available?2023-06-07T16:09:22-04:00

When deciding on a stamped concrete look there are a few things to consider. First if you prefer a seamless texture, and second is if you prefer a patterned texture. Seamless textures do not have defined grout lines or borders. They can be overlapped and rotated for beautiful endless texture-scapes. This makes seamless stamps perfect for simple, understated designs. Patterned textures have defined grout lines and borders showing a repeated pattern. Most common patterned textures are different shapes and sizes of stone such as cobblestone, herringbone, stones of Athens, wood planks, ashlar etc. We are always updating and trying new stamps as they’re introduced in the market so that we always have a new trend or look to offer to our customers. Our concrete specialists will help aid in the decision-making process to make you pleased with the final result.

How long will the job take?2023-06-28T15:45:25-04:00

The length of time a job takes depends first on the scope of work that is being done. We will be able to better answer that question more specifically when discussing what is being booked. Rest assured our crew works efficiently and effectively to get the job done.

When are you booking for?2023-06-07T16:10:11-04:00

Our schedule is usually booked a few months ahead but can vary. It is always best to contact the office as the schedule varies based on production and weather. We will always try to accommodate customer requests however a customer is only placed into our schedule once we have a deposit.

What is the price per square foot?2023-06-07T16:10:36-04:00

We do not price per square foot, our pricing is done by volume and by the scope of work.

How should I care for my concrete?2023-06-07T16:11:02-04:00

No de-icers or salts should be used. Use of a plastic shovel is recommended to avoid any scratching. Starting the second winter, concrete-friendly products may be used. Concrete sealing is recommended for decorative concrete finishes to maintain and protect its appearance.

What can be used on concrete during the winter?2023-06-07T16:11:32-04:00

We sell a product called ecoTRACTION it is concrete safe. This prevents slips and falls, avoids costly repairs to your property and it is the safest product available for children, pets, and aquatic life.

Does GCI sell sealer for concrete?2023-06-07T16:12:13-04:00

Yes, we sell concrete sealer, available in 5-gallon containers.

Do you have a warranty?2023-06-07T16:12:41-04:00

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty from date of installation.

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