Colour can be incorporated into any type of decorative finished concrete. We have a wide range of colour swatches to choose from. Swatches are available in our office. Colours are shown to booked customers only.

Choose a colour that complements with the colours found in the shades of your residence or to blend with other materials used in your landscape.

GCI uses integral colour when doing coloured concrete for our customers. This means that the colour is dispersed throughout the concrete and mixed at the concrete plant and is delivered to us based on the colour swatch you chose for your project. These pigments will not fade over time nor will they leach from the concrete even when wet. GCI uses only the best quality mix of concrete from our trusted suppliers.

To add depth and authenticity, stamped concrete usually has a release colour. The release colour highlights the imprints and texture. Usually, a release colour is chosen that is slightly darker than the base colour for an authentic and attractive appearance. If a customer prefers to not have a shadowed look highlighting the stamp and texture then a clear liquid release may be also used.