Stamped concrete is a great option for replicating the look of other materials such as stone, slate, tile, brick, and even wood, while still providing a very natural authentic look. Each stamp is artfully crafted to realistically mimic real-world textures- both natural and man made. Some stamps are even cast directly from real, historical materials.

Exposed aggregate, is another decorative finish which is obtained by removing the outer skin of cement paste to uncover the aggregate, which results in a beautiful pebbled finish look. It is highly versatile and complements beautifully with plain or stamped concrete. It is low maintenance, and skid resistant due to its rugged surface.

Traditional concrete, or often referred to as broom finish or plain concrete is the most cost-effective option. It still provides you with a fresh new look, and is practical, and is the lowest maintenance. Traditional concrete often can have a broom finish, a swirl finish, or an architectural finish. No sealer is required.